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Seven Tips on how to select a domain name



Instinct or random selection is not the best way to select a domain name. You should do it with great purpose and think. There is a philosophy behind it. Here are some things to consider:

>A common and sensible approach would be to use the name of your site as the domain name. A domain like www.webhosting.com would make sense for a site that web hosts, or www.musicgallery.com for an online music gallery. By including the purpose of the site in the URL, customers can easily remember the site and new browsers can easily click on it.

>If the domain name is for an industry, you might consider using a generic name. Select a name that sums up exactly what the business is about. For instance, www.sewingmachines.com would be the name of the sewing machine business.

>Select a domain ending in .com extension. If it is not possible, the alternate type should also be a top-level domain.

>Short domain names are better than long ones, simply because they are easier to remember. A long domain name, however, might contain more keywords and this could be beneficial to search engines. Make sure you research your options carefully. Long names work if they are accurate and meaningful.

>The golden rule of domain names is to be memorable, easy to spell, and easy to pronounce. Therefore, tongue twisters are out of your list of domains. It must be as simple as possible.

>Consider all marketing aspects, such as brand recall. Many profitable businesses have a domain name that represents their brand identity. We can take the following examples as examples of successful brands: Hotmail, Google, eBay, Amazon.

>Take a moment to think and:

A. Make a note of what your company's focus is and what its business goals are. Specifically, what does my site offer?

B. Make a list of the keywords.

C. You can use the description and keywords to create a domain name that clearly represents the two factors. Make a list of as many as you can.

D. Next, check availability at a domain name search engine.

E. If .com is not available, try .net, then .org, etc.

F. Choose a name that will serve its purpose. Never choose a domain just because it's there.

G. If you are still unsure, use domain name research tools.

H.When you find the perfect name is already taken by someone, you may need to consider purchasing it from them. You would have to decide this based on your budget.

I. You can alternatively use suffixes for domain names, such as universe, world, links, resource, store, directory, guide, business, inc, and so on.

It is important to think globally. There are no boundaries to the World Wide Web. Three requirements must be met: recall, presence, and functionality.


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