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SEO Tips and Strategies


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Tips & Strategies for SEO

Getting started:

Picking the Right Domain Name


Remember to include your main keyword in your domain name when choosing one.

For example, if the main keyword was "sugar-free sweets", a domain name like www.suger-free-sweets.com would be appropriate.

Using the Right Keywords

The use of longer keyword phrases is usually easier to rank with and is often more effective at converting.

What is the best number of keywords to use?

Trying to target a maximum of 5 keywords per page when performing SEO is recommended.

Meta Tags

Title Tag

The title tag is still recognized by some search engines, even though most ignore most metatags. Make sure your most important keywords are at the beginning of the title in order to improve its prominence. Getting straight to the point is the best way to optimize the title tag. Avoid stopwords like "to," "an," "as," "in..." Search Engine Spiders overlook these words and putting them in the tag will actually lessen the weight of your keywords.

Description Tag

There are still a few search engines that use the description tag. Explain in one sentence the content of each page. There are still some search engines that show this tag up, so try to make yours read well and grab someone's attention.

Keywords Tag

This tag is often overlooked by search engines, so try to include your 3-4 main keywords here.

On-Page SEO Strategies

H1, H2, H3 Tags

Try to break up your pages into paragraphs, and make sure you place your H1 tags on the most important areas of the page. It is recommended to break up minor paragraphs with descriptive, keyword-rich H2 tags. Whenever possible, use some H3 tags.

Internal Links

If possible, use keyword-rich anchor texts for linking between your one page to another page. With bread crumb navigation, it is easy to make your page look better without sacrifice style. For example, Home>SEO Services

IMG Alt Tags

As much as possible, include descriptive alt tags for your images. Remember that the text will be displayed when someone hovers over the image, so be sure it is readable.

Body Area

In order to optimize a page for SEO, you should place your main keywords at the beginning and end of the body text. In this area, you should try to include a decent amount of keywords without sounding too robotic. The idea of breaking up your page's body text with Header tags is good for SEO purposes as explained above. You should use 300-1300 words in this section of your content. You should also use variations of your main keyword. A natural-sounding voice is very important when writing.

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