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About unlimited domain hosting


 When we look at the hosting plans, we will find they are very appealing. Offering features such as unlimited subdomains, unlimited parked domains, etc. Some hosting providers even offer unlimited bandwidth and storage space. But this time, we will discuss the unlimited domain and its current reality.

After signing up for unlimited domain hosting and logging in to Cpanel, you will notice that the statistic on the left-hand side shows 999 additional domains. Aside from your primary domain, you are given 1000 domains to be precise.

Actually, the allowance does not exceed 1000 domain names, but it is not unlimited. Each time you add a new domain name, you will have one less 998, 997, 996, and so on. This is not truly unlimited, and there are limits as well. Additionally, the same 1000 limit applies to unlimited subdomains and unlimited parking domains.

You can host 1000 domain names/websites in a single shared hosting account, but should you do that? Definitely not a good idea. In case you host more than 20-30 websites, your sites start to slow down and might already consume a lot of server resources. You will eventually reach the usage limits and receive a warning from the hosting provider.

For a static page with no database at the backend, certainly you can have many sites that can be run. However, for blogs like WordPress, it's recommended to keep them below 10 websites per account. To avoid linking them together, search engines such as Google refuse to link links within the same IP address.

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