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7 Google SEO Tips and Techniques


Google SEO, 7 Google SEO Tips and Techniques

Top 7 Fundamentals for Google Optimization! Tips and Techniques from an expert on Google SEO!

Who would not want to be on the first page of Google results? Google's First Page Positioning is NOT difficult, and this article summarizes the Seven Fundamentals for optimizing your site for Google.

SEO with Google involves following its guidelines; Google values ethical SEO practices, those practices that will benefit both website owners and Google. Google has published guidelines on SEO here: http://www.google.com/intl/en/webmasters/seo.html

Top 7 Fundamentals for Google Optimization

> Fresh and Original Content

> Clean and Validated Code

> Easy and Accessible Navigation

> Good Interlinking of Web pages

> Healthy and Relevant Incoming Links

> Domain Age and Registered Period For

> Same Contacts at Site and Domain Registration

Fresh and Original Content

A fresh and original web page is appreciated by Google. The web page should have selectable content or text. Google cannot read text on images or pics.

Clean and Validated Code

Validating your code and keeping your site clean helps Google to crawl your site more deeply. Try to keep your content toward the top of your web page, avoid nesting, javascript, and comments. Shorten your text format by using external CSS.

Easy and Accessible Navigation

Using text or image-based navigation helps Google read the page, the Google bot cannot understand javascript, DHTML, or flash-based navigating. Try to stay away from these practices which are not liked by Google. Navigation should be on the top or left side of your page, and you should include a sitemap page that will guide web visitors and web bots to content on all your pages. If you have a large site, then make sure to include most of the categories' links on your sitemap.

Good Interlinking of Web pages

The links on a web page are like the roads and streets in the city. Make sure all the internal links on the page are text-based or image-based and contain relevant content.

Healthy and Relevant Incoming Links

Referred websites are preferred by Google, especially those referred from relevant and high-quality resources. Having more referrer links will increase your ranking. The important thing to remember is that one relevant link is better than one hundred non-relevant links.

Domain Age and Registered Period For

Since April 2004, Google has been keeping newly registered domains in Sandbox for a minimum of six months, and in some cases, for several years. Sandbox domains do not typically earn good rankings.

Moreover, Google also prefers those sites that have been registered for longer periods of time, like for 5 or 10 years, since this indicates how serious the owner of the site is and they are less likely to spam using those sites.

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Same Contacts at Site and Domain Registration

A true businessman respects his website visitors, and such a person doesn't misguide them, so Google prefers websites that have physical mailing addresses on their contact pages, and it compares it to the physical mailing addresses used in domain registration.

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