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Getting The Right Domain Name



You should buy a domain name for your site or sites after you have become comfortable working online. Registration of domain names, when done correctly, is one of the key components to having your website rank high on search engines. It is important to select a domain name that is memorable and can boost your rank in search results. The wrong domain name won’t do you any good at all.

Domain Name Registration: The Basics

The first thing you need to do is choose a good domain name. Don't even consider a one-word domain right now; they're already taken. You should instead come up with two-word combinations. If you're building a professional site, try your name first before anything else.

Don’t get fancy with spelling when selecting your domain name registration, or use 2s and 8s to represent their sounds. You can try the number 1; it sometimes works. You can also try the names of the products you offer, or a description of the types of content you offer on your site: romance for girls, popcorn palace, fluffy kittens. Memorable is always better; short and memorable is better but very difficult.

Make a list of a few dozen names that will work for your site, and then test them on a registry. It is not a good idea to buy a domain name whose .com extension is gone, but you have access to the .net or .info extension. By no means are these domain names as valuable as .coms. However, if you pick up the .com and you expect the site to be profitable or to have a lot of competition, it wouldn't hurt to also pick up the other extensions. It is NOT expensive to register domain names, and registering in bulk will save you even more money.

Extensions ending in. UK

This doesn't mean you should avoid anything other than .com. If you have a business in the United Kingdom, you have access to the .uk domain name set, which UK customers are likely to look at before anything else for UK-specific businesses.

Your business will likely come more from British customers who know your business is in Britain, and if your customers are unhappy with Internic's domain registration services or they are quite pro-Britain, a .uk extension may be a better choice than .com.

Buying both extensions of your domain if they're available, and if you're in the UK, is not that expensive, and you should definitely do it.

Additionally, a geographically-based website gives your online presence a sense of identity, which can be a vital element in building online relationships, where trust is essential. If you have a . UK domain, you are more likely to attract UK clients.

One of the fastest-growing and most lucrative domain registration areas on the internet is. The UK.

Tips for registering a domain name

Have a website ready to plunk into your domain as soon as you buy it, and submit it immediately to the search engines. It takes time for the search engines to index new sites, so your domain name registration is only as valuable as the search engines make it.

It is also possible to have more than one domain name pointing to one site. You can set up your site under one domain name, and then direct traffic from the other domain names to your main site if you've bought more than one extension (as in the previously-suggested .com/.uk combination). The method is known as traffic forwarding and has been used for years. It might be as simple as placing a line of code on your website to park your domain name, or it may be more involved like using another website's forwarding service.

When you register a domain and start building traffic to it, make sure you renew for several years before your renewal is due. It is surprising how easy it is to forget to register your domain name on time, and if someone else registers it, you've simply lost a lot of work.

Make your domain name memorable so that other webmasters can easily remember it when constructing anchor texts in their links, one of the most important components of SEO.

Tip: when choosing a domain registration company, don't only consider price. Also consider the quality of service. There is no need to pay over the odds, but it is better to be safe than sorry and go with the more established registrars. This will give you peace of mind that should a problem arise, you will be well taken care of.


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