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Broken Links Are Bad News For Webmasters


Broken Links

The role or responsibilities of the webmaster or website owner do not end with the launch of the website. In order to ensure that his website continues to work perfectly and fulfill its intended functions, a website owner has to assume a whole new set of duties and responsibilities. Among his responsibilities are providing fresh content as much as possible, submitting the website to search engines, and actively seeking reciprocal links to increase the ranking in search engines.

Checking his website for broken links is one of the most important responsibilities of a website owner. One of the worst things that can happen to a website is broken links. A site with lots of broken links can cause a lot of unfavorable perceptions and negative effects.

In fact, broken links are plaguing so many websites that they are considered to be a serious problem. The spread of broken hyperlinks can be attributed to a number of reasons, such as: websites that are not maintained with the appropriate degree of dedication, the architecture of the website and the way information is presented on the site constantly changes and the frequency at which websites close down.

Hyperlinks are an essential part of websites because they assist users in navigating through the pages and provide links to external resources. Links are like piles of documents that are stacked one on top of the other without rhyme or reason, with no intelligent way for you to get to the information you are looking for.

Link management is an absolutely crucial part of maintaining a website. Previously mentioned, broken links create very negative impressions of a website, resulting in very negative effects on the traffic the website generates.

The effect of broken links is that they disable search engine robots from mapping your site completely, effectively preventing you from submitting it to search engines. Additionally, a website with numerous broken links gives the impression that the website is unprofessional, and that the website owner or owners have a dubious reputation - very costly image problems that are difficult to correct once they become established. Furthermore, visitors who encounter many difficulties on a website are unlikely to return, which is almost equivalent to losing prospective clients. Because they won't find the page that they are looking for, they will believe that it is not on the site when it actually is, although coding errors made the page inaccessible.

As internet users become more sophisticated over time, it will take website owners more effort to entice these users to visit their sites, and broken hyperlinks will not help in any way in this process.

The owners and webmasters of websites should be very aware of the consequences of having broken links. Broken links should be weeded out and fixed diligently. It's now easier than ever for webmasters to locate broken links, thanks to the growing number of useful utilities available. It becomes relatively easier to manage a website using these utilities.

As an example, xml-sitemaps.com has developed a standalone script that not only creates sitemaps, but also looks for broken links in a website and notifies webmasters or website owners as to which pages the broken links belong. Automating the task of checking broken links is a great time saver for webmasters and website owners.

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